Under Water Services

UnderWater Services in Sri Lanka

 We undertake UnderWater services.

In water survey for classification societies (Class NK) & (Class LR)

Supported by Video and CCTV ROV Camera can be operated to depth of 500m. Class approved In water surveys for extended Docking.

Hull Cleaning and Propeller polisher

Underwater Hull cleaning & Propeller polishing – Using Brush Cart and Diamond Pads to  polish, we provide a comprehensive report with a underwater video before and after   cleaning. Includes removing of all fouling on gratings, intakes and rope guard.

Video List
Hull cleaning with amazing water driven machine #2
Hull cleaning with amazing water driven machine #1
Hull cleaning with amazing water driven machine #3
Propeller Polishing Cruise Ship #7
Propeller polishing cruise ship #4
Propeller polishing cruise ship #6
Underwater Repairs Hull & Propeller

Diving inspections and underwater repairs – Inspections will be carried out by experienced  Class approved divers. Observation report will include recommended solutions.

Underwater Cutting and welding 

Welding of zinc Anodes, Welding of doublers on damage  hull, Cutting / grinding off damaged propeller tips. Highly professional cutters and welders   will be used.

Search and recovery of lost anchor cable etc.

All types of lost items such as Anchors & Cables will be searched and recovered. Sunken and  grounded boats and barges would be inspected and salvaged.

laying of salvage pipes cables etc. 

Divers Assistance in sea bed preparation, gradient preparation, for laying of sewerage pipes  & cables.

Rock Blasting and wrack removal 

Underwater demolition to deepen sea channels – Use of explosives to clear wrecks, rocks etc.

Assist Habour and Jetty Project 

Assist in Harbour and jetty construction – Sea Bed preparation, placement of geo Tex tile,  rock Armour placements, gradient preparation, Construction & removal of coffer dams etc.

In land waters sluice gates and hydro dam work

Inland water underwater assistance for sluice gate, dam inspections, leak control, laying of  pipes and sensors, underwater drilling for doweling.

Removal Of Fouling

Removal of fouled propellers, Sea chests for smooth floor, Fouled up Anchors etc.